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Cortège coniagui lukuta

Thème : Territoires du Sénégal
à l'honneur : la culture Cognagui

The 1st edition of the Dakar Grand Carnival took place from November 22 to 24, 2019, under the theme "Territories of Senegal ". It was an opportunity to discover the diversity of the peoples of Senegal and to celebrate Téranga as a unifying welcome value.
By reviving the festive atmosphere of popular neighborhoods, the Dakar Grand Carnival brought intense joy to spectators, aged 7 to 77, who thus (re) immersed themselves in the atmosphere of public celebrations that have now disappeared. .
In 2019, the different ethnic groups of Senegal were able to parade proudly, in traditional costumes, to the rhythm of the drums specific to each people.
In honor of the 1st edition of the Carnival, the Wamey people, commonly called Coniagui, are a minority ethnic group living mainly in the heights of eastern Senegal and in Sine Saloum. This people united by the Lukuta, a mystical mask, has a gastronomy mainly oriented towards fonio, a "food" with dietetic virtues which deserves to be promoted. They made the trip to Dakar, coming from Tambacounda and Koungheul.
At the end of the three days of festivities, the Federation of Chefs of Dakar concocted the 1st giant Thiébou Dieun in the world . The rice used was donated by Bécaye Diop, Mayor of Ross Bethio, a town in the Senegal River Valley, proud to promote this rice-growing area in the north of the country.
The story goes that a Saint-Louisienne named Penda Mbaye invented this recipe a long time ago. Now the Senegalese national dish, consumed throughout the country, this dish that Senegal wants to include in the intangible heritage of UNESCO. It was presented in the Senegalese way, namely around the bowl.

More than a traditional art of the table, this arrangement also represents a tradition of sharing and living together typical of Senegal. Indeed, eating around the bowl obeys a certain etiquette which symbolizes the teranga so dear to the Senegalese.
Thiebou Dieun
Below the 3 days in pictures, photos and videos including TV reports from TV5MONDE, Africa24 and ITV.
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