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Friday - Saturday - Sunday

The Dakar Carnival is three days of festivities in the heart of the city, the last weekend of November.

Les nouveautés 2022 !

  • Election de la Linguère et du Buur du Carnaval
  • Trophées Culture et Patrimoine du Carnaval de Dakar
Under the sign of sports and culture
With our sponsor the great Baaba Maal, we pay tribute to the Lions of #Senegal who won the #CAN2021 #CAN2022 and to sport in general.
How are these 3 days going?


The Dakar Grand Carnival takes place around the Place de la Nation. The choice of this place, located at the crossroads of the 4 popular districts of the City, makes the event particularly accessible to the general public.

The people in the spotlight

An event to enhance and promote the cultural diversity of Senegal, the Carnival of Dakar focuses on a culture each year, while representing the diversity of the country. The culture in the spotlight thus has the possibility of going more in depth in pedagogy, all in a festive and convivial spirit. Thus, plays telling the story, dances, musical instruments or even gastronomy, children and adult spectators learn more at the end of the carnival. The previous years were in the spotlight: 2019 the congnaguis, 2021 the Lébous. In 2022 we will discover the culture of the Haal Pulaar.

The locality in the spotlight

The Carnival of Dakar is an event designed to introduce Senegal to Senegalese and their foreign friends. It is also a platform that allows the different regions to enhance and promote their know-how. Thus each year we honor one or more municipalities in particular. 2021 the Municipality of Gandiaye made a trip in force, accompanied by their Mayor Pape Songdé Diop, and Buur Gandiaye (Traditional King) particularly involved in the promotion of their land. Renowned traditional artists, young artists of urban culture, local products, gastronomy, youth, cultural diversity: all the creativity of this typically Serer commune was present in a wonderful spirit of openness and conviviality. They have each in their own way, told the story of their ancestral Commune whose Totem is a mysterious baobab tree with a horizontal trunk. We all loved Gandiaye!