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SE Macky Sall
President of the Republic
of Senegal

I congratulate you for this beautiful initiative of expression and dialogue between the different cultural traditions of Senegal and other countries.


The "Grand Carnival of Dakar" is a cultural event that promotes our territories. In Senegal's public policies, we consider culture as a lever for development. Territorial elected officials would benefit from using culture to enhance the attractiveness of their territories.

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The "Grand Carnaval de Dakar" is part of this dynamic and, for this, will now be on the agenda of Senegal and will benefit from regular support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

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Space of affirmation of the cultural diversity in the assumed unity of the Nation, the "Great Carnival of Dakar" develops our soils and offers a privileged showcase to the dynamism of our traditions in their modern future.

Abdoulaye Diop
Minister of Culture and Communication

Oumar Gueye,
Minister of Territorial Communities, Development and Regional Planning - Government Spokesperson

El Hadj Hamidou Kassé, Minister, Counselor

Arts and Culture of

President of the Republic


I express the wish that the Senegalese and their foreign friends meet in Dakar each year,  to make the "Grand Carnival of Dakar" a popular, dynamic, open and joyful event, in the image of the Teranga cultural value that we all share.


Pape Songdé Diop
Mayor of Gandiaye

The "Grand Carnival of Dakar" is a great tool for territorial marketing and a demonstration of the diversity of our culture. The Commune of Gandiaye, which will be honored in 2021, was able to present to the world a cultural range of its land. It was also a strong moment of cohesion that allowed the expression of brotherhood between the peoples of Senegal, including the presence of Buur Gandiaye.

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The “Dakar Grand Carnival”, which is being set up as an unmissable event, is therefore in line with the promotional objectives adopted, and the ambition to position our country as “a benchmark tourist destination”.


I believe that the Great Carnival of Dakar will be one of the event markers of Senegal. In the near future, people will say "in November I'm going to Dakar for the Carnival" as others book for big international events. 

Soham El Wardini,

Mayor of Dakar

Pope Mahawa Diouf,

Director General of the Senegalese Tourist Promotion Agency

Fodé Sylla
Ambassador for
SE Macky Sall 


Fatou Jupiter Touré,
Producer, Actress, organizer of the Téranga Movies Awards

I think it's an excellent idea to make Dakar an annual meeting place for culture, for folklore, for our memories, so I see this festival growing in three years, in five years, so that we can find on this same place with many tourists who come to see it too.


I congratulate the organizers of the "Grand Carnaval de Dakar" who honored the Lébou culture. Culture is essential for social cohesion and Senegal is very rich in its diversity. We are proud to have been able to present our culture to the  world and alongside all Senegalese ethnic groups.

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Mike Sylla,
Stylist, Designer, Multidisciplinary Artist

The “Dakar Grand Carnival”, which is being set up as an unmissable event, is therefore in line with the promotional objectives adopted, and the ambition to position our country as “a benchmark tourist destination”.


Thanks to the organizers. Senegal needs this type of big event. Many Senegalese must come out to attend, because it is a cultural affair that concerns us all. A carnival thrills an entire country. 

Youssou Ndoye,
Djaraaf Lébou
of Cape Verde

El Hadj Diouf,
Former International Footballer

amadou fall ba.jpg

What impressed me was the choice to organize a Carnival rather than a festival as we are used to seeing. A carnival takes place in the street, just like the urban ones. So our partnership happened quite naturally. We believe it is important to promote Senegalese culture to all layers of society.


Our dancers are very happy to participate in this international and festive event open to the general public. They have the opportunity to create new and very innovative pieces.  


This Carnival is important for the artists, because it makes them work and gives them visibility. So we hope that the event will continue so that Senegalese culture can be discovered throughout the world. From a tourist and economic point of view, this Carnival also contributes to promote the destination Senegal.


This Carnival is an opportunity for craftsmen to showcase their products, while contributing to the safeguarding of the national cultural heritage. It gives us an essential national and international opening.

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Our Federation has been a partner of the carnival since the beginning. It allows us to raise awareness of local consumption, like the Ceebu Jën that we prepare on the last day of Carnival. It also gives our business good visibility.

Assane Mbow,
Vice-president of the National Confederation of Craftsmen and Masters of Apprenticeship of Senegal, President of the Association of Leather Shoemakers

Amadou Fall Ba,
Cultural Producer,
Administrator House of Urban Cultures Ouakam, Senegal Talents Campus Coordinator,
Co-founder Africulturban, Director of the Festa2H festival

Gacirah Diagne
President of Kaay Fecc

Malal Ndiaye,
Artistic director
Cie Bakalama

Chef Youssoupha Diémé, President of the Federation of Chefs Cuiniers du Senegal

Oulèye Fall - Danseuse Peulh
Oulèye Fall - Danseuse Peulh

"This carnival benefits Senegalese culture, it allows different artists to meet and exchange around innovative ideas. I hope that the event will continue in the future."

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Ouley Ciss - Thia Design
Ouley Ciss - Thia Design

"J'ai découvert beaucoup de choses grace au Carnaval. Je vois aussi beaucoup d'enfants qui viennent apprendre. J'ai pu présenter mes produits Made In Sénégal et prie pour que ce Carnaval qui valorise le Sénégal devienne mondial."

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Coumba Badji- Danseuse Diola
Coumba Badji- Danseuse Diola

"Je suis fière de représenter la culture Diola au Carnaval qui nous donne une visibilité internationale"

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Une spectatrice
Une spectatrice

"Je suis très contente de vivre ma culture sérère à travers le Carnaval, mais aussi de voir les peulhs, les diolas, et toute la diversité culturelle du Sénégal. C'était de très bons moments."

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Adama Diouf - Transformatrice agroalimentaire
Adama Diouf - Transformatrice agroalimentaire

"J'ai fait le déplacement depuis Gandiaye pour présenter les produits agroalimentaires que je transforme. Le Carnaval valorise nos produits du terroir et notre culture que tous les sénégalais doivent connaitre. Il nous ouvre au monde."

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Maitresse Fatou Ecole Chez Maya
Maitresse Fatou Ecole Chez Maya

"Nous sommes très émues. Les enfants de notre école ont relevé le défi en participant à la Parade des enfants, tous en tenues traditionnelles représentant la diversité culturelle du Sénégal. Ils ont pu faire aussi beaucoup de découvertes."

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Moustapha Gueye - Artisan
Moustapha Gueye - Artisan

"Ce genre d'évènements nous permet de montrer notre savoir-faire et de sensibiliser à la qualité du Made In Sénégal. C'est très utile pour la commercialisation de nos produits. Nous souhaitons beaucoup de succès au Carnaval."

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Thanks to you

El Hadj Diouf!

See you

in November