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Baaba Maal Patron of the Dakar Carnival

What a huge honour for us to announce the name of our Patron!!!

What a huge honour for us to announce the name of our Patron!!!

We don't need to introduce him anymore, an absolute and perfectly accomplished artist, he is named as the King of Yéla in Senegal, and is the one who has most and best made Senegalese music travel around the world.

Indeed, his music or his voice can be found in more than 10 films around the world, including American blockbusters and not the least like Black Panther, the American film that broke all records and for which his music received the supreme consecration: the Oscar for the best film music (we will deliver you on our page some of the secrets of creation ).

This year he celebrates the 35th anniversary of his group Baaba MAAL & the Daande Leñol with a series of concerts across the world and a major one in Zenith de Paris the 28th of May.

Attached to his roots and culture, he is one of the best ambassadors of Senegalese and African culture. He is also a committed man in Senegal and throughout the world (since he is now a representative of the United Nations Development Programme).

Baaba Maal is an immense artist who has managed to keep his simplicity coupled with great generosity that he puts at the service of the collective. He is a man who brings people together. He is very committed to local development issues and has been organising the Blues Du Fleuve festival in Podor in the north of Senegal for 15 years durant the 1st week-end of december.

For those of us who work to enhance and promote our culture, he is a model.

It is therefore a source of pride to have such a personality as the patron of the Dakar Carnival.

% He also agreed to meet the winners of our last quiz: guess the name of the Dakar Carnival Patron. Isn't that classy?

We won't hide it: we love him


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