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Carnaval de Dakar 2022 dates et thèmes

3rd Edition Of Dakar Carnival Under The Theme Of Sport And Culture

The 3rd edition of the Dakar Carnival will be held on 25, 26, 27 November 2022 under the theme "Sport and Culture".

The 3rd edition is placed under the high patronage of the President of the Republic, who recognizes the singular place of culture in our society, with (...) the support (...) of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Territorial Communities, the ASPT, the City of Dakar and TV5MONDE. It is an event that is positioned as a true cultural industry, capable of draining a viable economic ecosystem, particularly through tourism.

The Grand Carnival of Dakar is an annual event held on the last weekend of November. This month corresponds to the opening of the high tourist season. The event is positioned as a call to Senegalese and their foreign friends to discover and rediscover the cultural diversity of Senegal.

For this 3rd edition, the theme Sport and Culture has been chosen as a tribute to the victory of the Lions at the CAN and above all as a way to celebrate the common values of sport and culture. Indeed, both have a capacity to unite a people beyond their differences. They have the capacity to raise emotions and pride beyond measure and convey extremely positive collective values: sharing, excellence, self-sacrifice, openness. Through this edition we will explore a part of our cultural and sporting history and show the anchoring of culture in the practice of sport, like the wrestlers who dance their baku with their traditional clothes.

Every year a culture is honored. In 2019, we have focused on the Cognaguis, in 2021 on the Lebous; in 2022 will be honored the Haal Pulaar in all their components. This honor is materialized by the establishment of a dedicated space on the Carnival Village, in which the people in honor can, through plays, tell a little known part of its history and culture. The honored people will also share their dances, music, costumes and traditions. At the same time, the cultural diversity of the country is represented during the 3 days, as well as the multidisciplinarity of the traditional and contemporary cultural practices.

The youth plays a central role in this carnival, through the presence of urban cultures, the children's area and the Great Parade of children in costume.

These elements make the Carnival a family event, where people come to learn, attend performances, concerts, visit the stands, buy food in the Food Court; all in a friendly and festive spirit. Once again, we will favour partnerships with sectoral associations to offer even more activities and bring new innovations.

The first two editions attracted the main international media, with exceptional coverage.

Read the article on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Communication of Senegal :

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